Windows and Doors

If you have old windows and doors in your home, it is very likely that you are losing heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. Because the windows and doors are not sealed the way they should be, heating and cooling costs are increased. Fortunately, you can have drafty windows and doors replaced, which will produce a return on investment in the way of reduced energy costs. Having efficient windows and doors also increase the value of the home, which can be beneficial when selling your home in the future.

Benefits of Efficient Windows and Doors

New windows and doors come with a number of benefits. The first is energy efficiency. The windows and doors are constructed in a way that eliminates any draft coming through them. Even replacement windows have this feature. By eliminating cold or warm air draft, there will be less stress placed upon your heating and air conditioning systems. This allows you to save on energy costs while also extending the life of your HVAC systems.

Another benefit is the aesthetic appeal. New windows and doors look much better than the old, worn out ones. Because there are a number of style options available, it is easy to enhance the look of the home while also adding your won personal touch. Over time, the value new windows and doors add to the home, combined with the energy savings, produces a return on investment that usually exceeds the initial cost of window or door replacement.

Window Types

There are several popular types of replacement windows that homeowners like to invest in. These types include fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. Vinyl is especially popular for its easy maintenance, durability, and affordability. Vinyl is also available in a number of styles, such as slider, double hung, bay windows, casement, and bow windows.

Wood is the more traditional window material. Homeowners like wood because it has an expensive look and there is a great deal of versatility. You can talk to your Minnesota remodeling company about different wood window options and how you can ensure they are as energy efficient as possible.

The third, and most popular type of window, fiberglass, gives the look of wood with greater energy efficiency built in. Fiberglass is also very durable because it outlasts most other window materials. There are also a number of finishes to choose from to ensure you get the look that you want. Due to the increased quality and higher level of energy efficiency compared to other windows, fiberglass can be more expensive. However, the initial expense will pay for itself over time through decreased cooling and heating costs.

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