Having a skylight in your home can make the home warmer and also allows more natural light to come inside. This produces a great deal of energy efficiency because certain lights don’t need to be used during the daytime. In addition, skylights are a cost-free, natural way of heating your home during the winter months. After the sun light passes through the window, it becomes trapped inside, resulting in warmer air indoors. Overall, lighting, heating, and cooling costs are reduced.

Skylight Installation

Skylight installation by an experienced Minnesota roofing contractor means the job is going to be done right. It also means you will get the right size skylight. As a rule, a skylight should be no larger than 5% of the floor space within a room containing numerous windows. For a typical room, it should not exceed 15% of the floor space.

The position of the skylight is also important because this will have an impact on the amount of light allowed into the room and the solar heating potential. This means the direction the roof faces is going to have to be considered when providing you with what you want. Below are some things that need to be considered when deciding where to install your skylight in relation to its functionality:

  • Cool illumination is provided by skylights that are on roofs facing North.
  • Roofs that face East are going to produce more light and heat in the mornings.
  • Roofs that face West are going to provide more heat and light in the afternoons
  • Roofs that face South will produce more heat in the winter, but the amount of heat produced in the summer may be unwanted.

If heat is desired in the winter, but the roof faces a direction that could result in unwanted heat in the summer, the skylight can be placed in an area where a tree will shade it. A movable window cover can also be installed to prevent heat from passing through. In some cases, a window manufacturer may glaze the skylight so that solar heat gain is controlled.

Skylight Repair

Skylights can be damaged by wind and hail. Other times, the seals may come loose, causing a leak. If there is damage to your skylight, immediate repairs must be made by your qualified Minnesota roofing contractor. Repairing a skylight as soon as it is broken, or begins leaking, means you do not have to deal with an unnecessary leak. Fortunately, skylight repairs are affordable. We can also discuss replacing old skylights with new ones that are more energy efficient for your home.

Contact A Minnesota Roofing Contractor

Skylights can be very pleasant, supplying natural light to the home, which can help save on energy costs. If you wish to have skylights added or existing skylights repaired, Building Renewal, Inc. can take care of you. Our experienced staff will come to your home, listen to your needs, and tell you how those needs can be met. To find out more, call us at 763-263-9633 to schedule your free inspection and estimate. You can also fill out our contact form and someone from our office will contact you.