Siding, Soffit, and Fascia

All parts of the home’s exterior are important. If you have siding, you usually know when it is damaged. If you see this damage or siding is missing, you know you need a Minnesota roofing company to replace it. What you may not notice is when there is damage to the soffit and fascia of the home, which needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as the damage is identified. The best way to find roof damage that may be difficult to see is by having regular roof inspections so that you can prolong the life of your roof and its components.


Siding is a very important component of a structure, as it protects the exterior walls from rain, snow, hail, and debris. In most cases, hail and debris will bounce off the siding, while rainwater drains down the side. If siding is missing, the walls are threatened. Fortunately, siding is affordable and available in many colors, meaning it is easy to replace. If you wish to have new siding installed all over the home, it can be done. Siding is one part of your home that can be redone to reflect your individual taste. You can completely transform the look of your home by simply replacing the siding. With thousands of different texture and color combinations, there’s something that will catch your eye.

Soffit and Fascia

One common issue homeowners tend to have is problems with damaged or rotted soffits or fascia. Usually, soffits and fascia are located in a place that is not easily seen by the homeowner. Due to their poor locations, soffit and fascia issues are commonly ignored because the issues are not known. Unless there are regular inspections performed by a Minnesota roofing contractor, these issues can go unnoticed for years. Most individuals don’t understand the importance of these parts for the roofing system, so it is important to keep up with roofing inspections.

The soffit is the underside part of the roof that hangs over. Most people call it an “eave.” This part of your roof allows air circulation so the attic is properly ventilated. Ventilation is very important because it prevents moisture buildup. If moisture is allowed to build up, wood can rot. Poor ventilation also can contribute to ice dams in the winter and trapped heat in the summer. Finally, proper ventilation lowers energy costs, putting more money back into your pocket.

The fascia is a flat piece of board that covers the rafter ends of the home. Your gutters and drip edge are attached to the fascia. Usually, the fascia is not visible because the gutters cover it up.

We can:

  • Repair your soffit and fascia or replace it
  • Properly pitch gutters
  • Repair damage done by animals
  • Replace, rehang, or seal gutters

Contact A Minnesota Sliding Contractor

If you have damaged siding, soffit, or fascia, we are able to take care of the problem for you quickly and correctly. You should not have to deal with damaged exterior components that, over time, can lead to even more complicated problems. Instead, you can deal with the problems quickly and affordably so that you save money in the long-term. To find out more about what we can do for you, call us at 763-263-9633 to schedule your free inspection and estimate.