Room Additions

Room additions are perfect for adding living space to your home. If you simply need more room, your family is growing, or you anticipate the need for space in the future, a room addition can be a cost-effective way to expand living space without having to put a “for sale” sign on the home so you can buy a larger one.

When compared to selling and moving to a larger home, the cost of a room addition is rather low. Adding a room onto the home is a way for you to be creative while also adding overall value to your home. Some homeowners find that they can take their existing home and turn it into their dream home by adding as much space as they need. Some homeowners have added as much as 1,000 square feet or more to small homes.

Expansion Options

Of course, your desires are what will determine the room addition options that are truly available to you. You may decide you want to increase the size of your family room, increase the size of your kitchen, add a den, add another bedroom, expand the existing bedrooms, build a garage with overhead living space, add a bathroom, or add a room to entertain guests.

Whether the home is a single story home or it has two levels, you can add the space you need where you need it. However, it is good to look at the property’s plot plan to see what options are available to you when building room additions. When looking at the plot plan, take a look at the setback requirements, location of a well if there is an artesian well on the property, where the septic tank and leach field are located, the drainage path and utility easements, and where underground utilities pass through. If you do not see all of this information on the plot plan, the local zoning board may have that information for you. Utility companies also know the location of their lines. All of this information will help you when planning your room addition because you will know where you can and cannot locate it.

Hiring a Building Contractor

When you know where you want your room addition to be, you can work with your Minnesota building contractor to receive a free inspection and estimate. This will tell you what the cost of the project will be so that you can continue to plan accordingly. It is important to note that a home addition may cost more than it would to build the room during new home construction. The reason is because there is additional effort that must be made to tie the room into the home. When using an experienced Minnesota building contractor, that cost can be kept as low as possible.

Contact A Minnesota Construction Company

If you are ready to add a new room onto your home, Building Renewal Inc. is highly experienced in even the most complicated room additions. Simply tell us how much space you wish to add, where you want to add it, and we will take care of the rest. Call us today at 763-263-9633 to schedule a free inspection and estimate.

Room Additions