Garages & Outbuildings

Garages and outbuildings have a number of functions, but functionality doesn’t mean they can’t look great as a part of the home. In fact, a beat up or worn down garage or outbuilding can make a beautiful home look less appealing. The good news is that you can turn your garage or outbuilding into something that is visually appealing without taking away from its functionality.

Most individuals prefer to make their garage and any outbuildings coordinate with the color of their home. Some also get in touch with their creative side to make their outbuildings and garages resemble small cottages or a place that looks fun and relaxing. Whatever you want to do, a professional Minnesota remodeling company can help you make it happen.

Garage Remodeling

A garage can be a place to park cars, work on projects, or for a space that is completely your own. While many garages are connected to the home, there are those that are not. This means they do not typically have the same exterior materials as the home until the exterior is remodeled to match.

It doesn’t matter if the garage is a newer one or older one, it can have a brick or siding exterior. As for the doors, there are a variety of material options, such as aluminum, glass, or wood with each available in different styles. Of course, the material and style of the door should match the architecture of the garage so that it doesn’t look odd. If you wish, the door’s materials and color can match the front door of the home. This is also true for the roofing; materials can be matched to the roofing on the home. For those looking for something different, metal and shingled roofing is also popular.

Outbuilding Remodeling

If you have one or more outbuildings on your property that need facelifts, there are a number of options your Minnesota remodeling company can present to you. For instance, a garden shed can look more like a small house in the middle of your garden. You can have windows installed, add a glazed door, and have shingles put on the roof. You can even have a porch built onto a garden shed or any other small building. Many times, outbuildings can be converted into something other than stylish storage, such as a small area for social gatherings.

Contact A Minnesota Remodeling Company

The exteriors of garages and outbuildings deserve to be remodeled too. Not only is there a great deal of aesthetic appeal when a garage or outbuilding is remodeled, but there is also added value. You can very easily receive a return on your investment if you ever intend on selling the property or you want to add to the amount of equity in that property. To find out how we will make your vision for your garage our outbuilding a reality, contact us at 763-263-9633 to schedule a free inspection and estimate or fill out our contact form and someone from our office will get back to you.