Fire Damage

Fire is devastating because it destroys everything it touches. What it doesn’t touch, smoke damage occurs. If the fire department had to be dispatched to put out the fire, then you are looking at water damage as well.  Fire damage restoration requires a professional to assess the damage and what it will take to return your home back to pre-fire condition.

While this may seem as if the home is not salvageable, that is not the case. Damaged materials can be replaced and some restored. An assessment will reveal what needs to be done to make sure the home is restored to its original condition. And while the insurance company will pay for damages, there are some homeowners that opt for their homes to be remodeled after the home has been damaged. Our Minnesota fire damage repair service can be used in conjunction with our remodeling services so that your home will be in the condition you require.

Dealing With The Insurance Company

Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with. They do not always want to pay out the entire amount of the damage because they do have a bottom line that they want to protect. However, you pay a premium and you expect the insurance company to completely cover you. Unfortunately, the insurance adjuster comes to the home and they create an estimate. This estimate may differ greatly from that of your contractor’s. The good news is that the estimate created for you by your Minnesota fire damage restoration company can be given to the adjuster to help them with their assessment. This helps toward receiving the money that you need to completely pay for the repairs.

After The Fire

After the fire, it is best to not go back into the home until it is determined that the structure is secure. Even so, it may be difficult to go into the fire damaged area. Once inside, you will most likely see smoke damage, torn out insulation, destroyed belongings, and other types of damage. You should take an inventory of all of the items that have been destroyed because you will need to include this information in your claim.

The second thing you do is call your insurance company’s claims hotline to make the claim. After that, call the fire damage restoration company so that an estimate, independent from the insurance adjuster’s, can be made. When the restoration company is on site, the damaged areas can then be secured to ensure no leakage if it rains or to make sure no other damage occurs. You may not be able to stay in the home even after it is secured, especially because of the soot that may have settled throughout the home. When the insurance adjuster arrives, provide them with all of the information you received from the restoration company and give them the list of destroyed items so that a proper assessment can be made. Once the claim is approved, you can use the money to pay for the restoration.

Contact A Minnesota Fire Damage Repair Company

Fire is very destructive and, if the fire does not destroy the home, the smoke damage in itself can be devastating. If you have experienced a fire in your home, large or small, you need restoration specialists who can repair your home so that you can get life back to normal as soon as possible. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us at 763-263-9633 and schedule your free inspection and estimate.

Fire Damage