Our Process – The Secret to our Success

We work in a multi-step construction process. It begins with ideas — a blending of yours and ours. Working together, we create a plan, transforming our shared vision into a living space that fits your family’s personality and lifestyle needs.

1. Consultation Meeting

This first meeting is at your home and generally takes about an hour and a half to two hours.   We’ll take a look around — ask lots of specific questions and listen carefully to your answers. We want to know how you wish to live in your home and what problems you hope to resolve through remodeling. Our goal is to uncover your architectural and design goals, and get an idea on your available budget. We will take photos and measurements to use in preparing a Preliminary Cost Estimate and the Design-Build Preconstruction Service Agreement.

2. Design Agreement & Concept Development

Should you decide to move forward with Building Renewal, Inc., you will sign the Design-Build Preconstruction Service Agreement and pay the initial payment. We will discuss existing conditions, reveal any potential cost drivers, and gather any additional information needed to determine the full scope of work and budget available. Based on your desires, we create a concept drawing to reflect your project.

3.  The Selection and Specification Process

Now the fun really begins!  Once we have settled on a concept drawing and scope, we will guide you through the selection process. You will go to local suppliers and shop with the benefit of the showroom experts and our help to pull it all together.

4.  Design Development, Scope of Work and Budgets

A key advantage of the design-to-build approach to remodeling is that you get a comprehensive, integrated package of services from start to finish. By the end of the design phase, we will have walked you through a number of possible approaches to your project, created a detailed scope of work, produced a schedule of all of your selections, detailed drawings, and arrived at the one number that is the budget for your project.  You will have made final decisions as to the design and materials to be used. You’ll understand exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost.

5. Construction Agreement

Once you have approved the final design, scope of work, and the budget, we will present you with the construction agreement. If accepted, you will pay a retainer to hold the date and the project will be scheduled.  We will discuss how you need to prepare your home for the planned remodel, the services we  provide to protect your home, and how to accommodate the relocation of household items that are within the planned work areas.

6.  Construction Phase

The construction phase begins with a Pre-Construction Conference. The purpose of this meeting is to review and finalize the construction schedule and handle any last minute details.

During the construction phase, weekly meetings will be conducted at your home at a time that works for you. These weekly meetings include a review of schedule: where the project is at currently, what is coming up, and what still needs to be done. At Building Renewal, Inc., we believe respect for the schedule is good for both of us; you need to know what to expect and receive progress reports, and we need to achieve the deadlines on which we base our estimate.

7.  The Punch List and on to Warranty

In the final few days of your remodel, we will walk through all of the physical changes to your home and make notes of any details that still need attention.    Upon final payment we will provide you with our written Workmanship Guarantee and Lien Waiver and be available should any issues arise after completion.

Construction Process