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Understanding Insurance Restoration

Your Assessment of  Damage Severity An important point regarding your insurance policy coverage is that after a loss, it is your obligation to prevent further damage from occurring. Therefore, report your claim promptly, contact an experienced insurance restoration contractor, and keep track of emergency expenditures. Building Renewal, Inc. can be instrumental in helping you stop… Read more »

Fire Damage

Fire is devastating because it destroys everything it touches. What it doesn’t touch, smoke damage occurs. If the fire department had to be dispatched to put out the fire, then you are looking at water damage as well.  Fire damage restoration requires a professional to assess the damage and what it will take to return… Read more »

Hail Damage

Minnesota is certainly not a stranger to hail storms. In fact, many homeowners in the state have experienced hail damage at one time or another. Even hail storms that have small to moderately sized hail can cause a great deal of roof damage that is not always visible. If the damage is allowed to remain,… Read more »

Water Damage

From frozen, bursting pipes, to weather-related flooding, water damage can be a serious event in a home. It can cause certain building materials to deteriorate and cause mold and mildew that can result in respiratory issues. By cleaning up the water and repairing damaged areas, you will have the peace of mind in knowing your… Read more »

Wind Damage

Wind storms do a considerable amount of damage. The wind can blow off shingles, siding, gutters, shutters, and even blow around debris that may shatter windows and damage exterior components of the home. When this happens, you need to call an experienced Minnesota storm damage repair company as soon as possible. By repairing the wind… Read more »